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Every legal battle is unique, which is why at Vitale Law Firm, our team offers specialized services in business law, estate planning, and more. With a broad understanding of the legal landscape in Missouri, we ensure that every single client is heard, understood, and confident with our law approach. Whether you’re a startup entrepreneur seeking to establish a legal foundation for your business venture or you’re in need of legal support, our law services are designed to provide you with the peace of mind knowing you’re in the best hands. We can assist you through navigating the complex world of law. 

Our Core in Business Law

From assisting startups and established businesses, to ensuring final wishes are honored with estate planning, and helping navigate business laws, all of our services are designed to provide all of our clients with peace of mind that our services are the best available. 


Business law is the heart of what we do at Vitale Law Firm. Our business law services are designed to provide comfort in knowing that your legal needs are addressed with expertise. We assist businesses with formation, contacts, negotiations, dispute resolution, and more. Let us be the ones to make sure that your business thrives.


Estate planning is not just about planning for your future, it’s about feeling secure that your final wishes are honored, and your legacy is preserved for your future generations. At Vitale Law Firm, we believe that every client deserves that peace of mind in knowing their assets are in protective hands. We create comprehensive plans that safeguard the things that matter the most. Our commitment is empowering. 


Elder law is a vital component of our services, aimed at providing legal support for seniors and their families. We address the unique legal needs of older adults while simultaneously looking out for their best interests. Whether you’re a senior needing to safeguard your future and your assets or you’re a family member looking out for your loved one, our Elder Law services are here. 


The Voices of Those We’ve Helped

Our clients are at the heart of all that we do at Vitale Law Firm. Their satisfaction, success stories, and trust in our services speak for themselves. We pride ourselves by sharing their experiences through client testimonials. When you choose Vitale Law Firm, you choose a dedicated team. 


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